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Submitted on
September 22, 2013


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Hello everybody, and welcome to the


This is my first official contest and I hope many of you will take part! *O*
The contest is for digital and traditional art only (no literature, no photomanipulation, etc..) and there will be several prizes.
Depending on how many entries I will receive, I will add 3 more prize categories (read below for more info).
Read the whole journal for all the info about the contest!
Please add this journal to your favorites (even if you're not sure wether you'll enter or not) to let more people know about it!
And feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I'll be glad to answer your doubts! <3
Thank you very much and... good luck!

Contest Starts:

September 22nd 2013

Contest Ends:

:new::new::new: December 18th 2013 (00AM Rome Time/GMT+1) :new::new::new:


Draw my OCs!
Nice and easy as it sounds: you just have to draw my Original Characters! You can choose the setting, the poses, which characters to draw.. everything! BUT they all must be MY Original Characters. You can find the descriptions and references of all my characters, in this journal:
Introducing my Original Characters!Hi everybody! :wave: revamp

My "Draw my OCs" Contest  is open, so the time has come to tell you more about my OCs and their stories! :)
Below you'll see the list of the comics/projects/stories to which my OCs belong and you'll be able to know more about their pasts, their behaviors, their love stories and much more! 
The order in which the OCs are listed doesn't mean anything: there's no project I like more than the others, or no OC that you'll have to draw to have more chances to win. Everything depends on your ability to portray them and their stories, independently from your drawing skills. If the drawing is technically perfect, but the characters are completely different from the ones described here (physically and temperamentally) it won't win, because it doesn't represent my OCs in the right way.
So, do your best and don't forget to read the descriptions carefully! ^^
Before every story I'


  • Only Eeren's original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fan arts). 
  • You must be one of my wacthers to enter (if you're not, you can do it now! ;D )
  • Animals and fantasy creatures are allowed, and even not-recognizable characters as part of a scene, but no other other OCs or fan art characters (like crowds).
  • You MUST respect the descriptions I gave of the characters. Gender-bender, furry or animal versions are not allowed. (only kenomimi, but no tails, no paws, but costumes are allowed). They must be recognizable, no matter the outfit.
  • You can draw how many characters you want and you can do crossovers from my different projects (sample: characters from Elven Melody and Tales of The Slepp-World together), but please remember to respect the characters' personalities.
  • Nudity, sexual themes, violence and blood are accepted, but THEY MUST FOLLOW deviantART policy. If you don't know dA rules, please check this FAQ: FAQ #220: What is Mature Content? . Works containing strong content MUST have the Mature Contest Filter ON.
  • You can join with max 3 entries, but only one of the entries can win.
  • All formats and sizes are accepted.
  • You can enter with sketches, but it's better to participate with completed works. 
  • Drawings on squared/ruled paper won't be accepted.
  • You MUST credit all reference/resources used and provide a link to the original source. You can't use Copyrighted material as part of your work, not as a reference/resource/material (not even mine). Works that don't respect this rule will be disqualified and you might also get reported.
  • You MUST follow deviantART rules and be kind to other contestants and judges. If you don't you will be disqualified.
  • Judges can't participate in the contest, but prize donors can take part.
  • You can add your works to all dA groups that you want.
  • No collaborations allowed.
  • Entries submitted after the deadline expires won't be accepted.
  • Have fun! ;)


  • Traditional and Digital art, Mixed media, Drawings and Illustrations, Animations and Gifs, Vectors and Vexels, Cartoon and comics, Manga and Anime, Realism and Semi-realism, chibi.. every style, but it HAS to be a drawing/painting.
  • Pixel Art IS allowed.
  • Both Black and White and Colored works are accepted


  • Abstract, Literature, Craft Work, Cosplay, Sculpture, Fractal (unless it is a secondary part of the picture), Photography, Photomanipulation, Dolls.
If you have doubts on the allowed media, please contact me!


  • Entries must be DONE FOR THIS CONTEST, no works done before today will be accepted.
  • When you upload the work to deviantART, you MUST write in the description that the work has been for this contest, and put a link (or thumb) to this journal.
  • As soon as you have uploaded the deviation, please send ME (Eeren) a NOTE (not a comment, ONLY NOTES), with the object "CONTEST ENTRY", with a link or thumbnail to your entry/entries.
  • I will add all the submissions to a Favourites Collection called "Draw My OCs Contest". (if I don't answer immediately please be patient, it might take me a day to see your note).



:iconeeren: :iconpiccolaria: :iconladydeddelit:
I will judge the entries, with the help of PiccolaRia and LadyDeddelit.
The works will be judged based on:
•Characters' Accuracy (looks and personality)•
•Technical Skills•
•Visual Impact•

This is how things will work:
• 3 days after the closing of the contest, we will announce 10 Semifinalists and publish them on my journal page.
                              • The judges will give each of the Semifinalists a vote (based on: Characters' Accuracy//Technical Skills//Visual Impact//Originality) and the ones with the highest total rating will in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The other prizes (Best Couple and Best Group) will also be assigned in the same way.
• The "Eren's Favorite" award will be given based ONLY on my personal judgment.
• All the prizes will be announced by me as soon as we reach a decision (3 days for the semifinalists + 7 for the definitive ones, so around 10 days after the deadline).

*(Please notice that if the amount is not reached, we will distribute the prizes for these extra categories among the other ones)*
          • I will open a poll with all the 10 semifinalists which will remain on for a week (from the day of the announcement of the semifinalists). At the end of the poll, the one with more votes will win the Most Popular Extra Prize** (see below). 
 • Each one of the judges will purpose the best three works for the categories "Best Hot" and "Best Cute" and the we will choose the one with higher rating as the winner of its category.
**the Most Popular prize has been changed from a "regular" prize, to a bonus! This means that this will be the only prize you can win TOGETHER WITH ANOTHER PRIZE!
As I wrote above you'll get this by getting the most votes in the Semifinal votes, so you can ask your friends and watchers to support you!


As I mentioned before there will be several prizes, and if we reach a total of more than 25 entries, the EXTRA PRIZES will be added too. If the contest won't reach that amount of entries the prized from the EXTRA categories will be shared among the other prize categories.

All the winning entries will be included in the "Winner Features" folder of the :icondaocc:
They will also be featured by me, CuzzaCurry, LauraDex, Broken-Friendship and sneha07!
And receive llamas by: CuzzaCurry, LauraDex, sneha07 and lpso18 !

+1 Year Subscription by Eeren
+ 2 simple color busts by Eeren
+ 1 Half Body speed painting (*PiccolaRia
+ 1 Bust Lineart (*GiallodiH
+ 1 full body (AnimaProject )
+ 1 Colored waist up by Swaja
+ 1 Full Body Color (Makienzie)
+2 full-colored chibis and 1 ID picture ( tdgART )
+1 colored half-body or a shaded fullbody ( Narzik )
+1 detailed portrait with background (Jessica-Prando)
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )

2nd Place
+3 Months Sub by Eeren
+ 100 points by Eeren
+ 1 simple color bust by Eeren
+ 1 Portrait (*PiccolaRia)
+ 1 Bust Lineart (*GiallodiH
+ Half body color (Frostnight)
+ 1 Full Body Flat (ferriore)
+1 flat shaded chibi and 1 ID picture ( tdgART )
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+1 speed portrait (Jessica-Prando)
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)

3rd Place
+3 Months Sub by Eeren
+ 100 points by Eeren
+ 1 Bust Lineart by Eeren
+ 1 Portait (*PiccolaRia)
+ 1 Lineart (*GiallodiH)
+ 1 Portrait (~ferriore)
+1 sketched chibi and 1 ID picture ( tdgART )
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+1 speed portrait (Jessica-Prando)
+2 shaded chibis (Terie-chan)
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)
1 Llama by CuzzaCurry, LauraDex and sneha07

Best Group
+ 500 points by Eeren
+ 3 mini cuties  (*RaisloverSakura)
+ 1 Colored Bust (*GiallodiH
+ 1 Half Body Flat (Makienzie)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+2 shaded chibis (Terie-chan)
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)
+1 line art ( sneha07 )

Best Couple
+ 500 points by Eeren
+ 2 mini cuties (RaisloverSakura)
+ 1 Colored Bust (*GiallodiH
+ 1 Half Body Flat (Makienzie)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)
+1 line art ( sneha07 )

Eren's Favorite
+ 3 Months Sub by Eeren
+ 100 points ( OchreJelly - delivered by me)
+ 1 colored portrait by Eeren
+ 1 colored chibi (SpigaRose)
+1 outfit design (Nairuna)
+1 colored portrait (hiryu777)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+ 1 portrait ( Broken-Friendship)
+ 1 sketch (Linked-Memories)
+ 1 poem ( sneha07 )
+1 drawing -max 2 characters- (KisaraelElementum)
+1 traditional half body (Mashiiro)

Please remember that these prizes will be awarded ONLY if the contest gets at least 25 entries. Otherwise they will be shared among the remaining prize categories.

Most Popular
(this is not a proper prize, but a "bonus": it's the only that can be awarded TOGETHER WITH another prize. Read above for more info)
+ 50 points ( OchreJelly - delivered by me)
+ 50 points (*GiallodiH - delivered by me) 
+1 full body action pose minimal color  (hiryu777)
+ 1 full body digital colored drawing of 1 character Broken-Friendship)

Best - Cute
+ 250 points ( spadiekitchenqueen - delivered by me) 
+ 100 points ( @broken-friendhsip)
+ 1 lineart chibi (SpigaRose
+ Half Body color (Makienzie)
+1 poem (hiryu777)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+ 1 half body digital color of 1 character Broken-Friendship )
+1 traditional half body (Mashiiro)

Best - Hot
+ 250 points (spadiekitchenqueen - delivered by me) 
+ 100 points ( @broken-friendhsip)
+ 1 lineart chibi (SpigaRose
+ Half Body color (Makienzie)
+1 poem (hiryu777)
+ 1 half-body shaded sketch  ( Narzik )
+ 1 half body digital color of 1 character Broken-Friendship )
+1 traditional half body (Mashiiro)


All the donors will be featured at end of the contest!!
PRIZE DONATIONS ARE STILL ACCEPTED!! (donations will be accepted for the whole duration of the contest!)
And you can WIN FREE ART by me if you donate!! Check the journal below for more info!


CONTEST info+Call for Donors! + DONATE TO WIN!Hello everybody!
I've just decided that there will be an extra prize for the donors!!! Since so many of you lovely people are offering art, points and more, I decided to reward the donors too in some way!! ^O^ 
For every ten donors, there will be 1 bust lineart by me as a prize!! The more people will donate, the more prizes there will be!
By donating something (like a llama) you'll get 1 chance to win, but the more you donate, the more chances you have to win! 
Here's how the "bonus chances" work:
- Feature= +1 chance
- 0->500 :points:= +1 chance
- 501->1000 :points:= +2 chances
- 1001->2000 :points:= + chances
- 2001 and more= +4 chances
- 1-2 Free Works= +1 chance
- 3-4 Free Works= +2 chances
- 5-6 Free Works= +3 chances
- More than 7 Works= +4 chances
- 1 Month Subscription= +1 chance
- 3 Months Subscription= +2 chances
- 1 Year Subscription= +4 chances



You can +FAV this journal, share the word among your watchers and friends and donate prizes.
Please note that people that donate art or share this contest WILL NOT be privileged in case they were to enter the contest.

If you have doubts and questions
Ask me, and me only! :) Below in the comments or via note! In the comments is better, because everybody will be able to read and doubts will be easier to answer this way! ^^

Thank you all



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vaniaelee Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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<3 Thank youuuu! :D
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I saw it and added it to the collection with the rest of the entries!!! THANKS FOR ENTERING!!! ^O^ :hug:
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I just LOVE the idea of you elvish music! Thanks for inspiring me^^
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KuraiLilia1998 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess I won't be able to submit my art before work piled up. Oh well, it was great to know about this contest! If I'm able to, I'll try to submit my art.
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